Selima Optique is a brand that I really care for, because of the woman who made it, you guessed who : Selima. This women is such an incredible person, by her heart, her generosity, her history… When I was in New York 3 years ago, I was living at her house in Soho, with her husband, her 2 dogs and her 2 cats. That was certainly one of the most amazing trip I ever did, and for sure the best experience of my life. 

Well enough of my past life, what I really wanted to share with you is her show currently in Paris to present the new collection of the brand. She and the team have made a whole new, fresh, original and modern collection. This show is ending today, but you can still meet Selima, a part of the team and this beautiful collection at the Louvre Show in the upcoming days. 

Enjoy !

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